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  • Access to the auto-translation feature
  • Opportunity to translate into 241 languages
  • Unlimited translation for products, collections, pages, articles, etc.
  • Access to the dynamic and static content translation
  • Opportunity of the full checkout translation
  • Right-to-Left language support
  • Access to the statistics of the translated items
  • Translation of the email templates and SMS


  • Translations can be edited manually
  • Access to language and currency switchers customization


  • Creation of the multilingual site map of your store
  • Translating for resources SEO meta tags (including OpenGraph and Twitter tags)


  • Opportunity of the automatic language detection
  • Free updates for clients!


  • Email
  • Chat
  • Ticket system
  • Voice call
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You can use LangShop for free while developing your Shopify store! In the store's demo version you are able to translate it and use any feature you need absolutely for free. Pay for the app only after publishing the store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14-day free trial work?

Since the first install you get full access for 14 days to LangShop for free. You can test all functionality without limits. Please note that the paid monthly period starts automatically after the trial period.

Do you provide discount for non-commercial organizations?

Yes, we provide a discount for non-commercial organizations and charitable foundations. We consider each case separately, so contact the support service for more detailed information.

User support

If I have a few stores, can I get a discount?

Sure! We provide a discount for clients who have 3 or more stores. For the detailed information, write to our support team.

User support

Are there any additional payments for the translated symbols?

LangShop doesn't apply any limits on the amount of the translated content.

Can I use LangShop for free while developing the store?

Yes, of course. LangShop is a partner-friendly app. It is free to test and use in development stores during development process. Regular charges will apply once the store is switched over to a paid plan.

Does the price depend on the quantity of the sold products?

No. We have no fees or additional payments. The price is fixed for all stores regardless of the quantity of the sold products. You pay $34 every month and it doesn’t matter how many products you sell.