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One hundred percent translation of your store

Translate every word of your Shopify store into different languages with one powerful application, that will open you to the world.

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Checkout translation
Checkout translation

Checkout translation

Checkout is the final and very important part of a purchase. With LangShop you can make it understandable for your customers. Just translate it into the desired foreign languages and turn your visitors into customers easily.

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Currency switcher

It's a real must have for every multi language eCommerce store! Customers adore seeing prices in their native currency. LangShop is an ideal tool to add multiple currencies to Shopify stores and make them more user friendly.

Learn how to make your store multi-currency
  • USD
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Currency switcher
Currency switcher
Server side translation

Server side translation

LangShop provides fast translation into various languages and at the same time makes Shopify websites friendly for search engines. Translated pages get dedicated URLs that affects positively website SEO.

Learn how to translate your store rapidly

Single product page

Be sure that every single page will be translated by LangShop automatically. Title, description, variants, currency, etc. - every word will be clear for foreign customers.

Learn how to translate a single product page
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  • Español
Single product page
Single product page
  • English
  • Français
Translate image
Translate image

Translate image

Media content is an important part of the website design. With LangShop you can improve them. Make images multilingual too! 241 languages are at your disposal.

Learn how to translate your media content

Translate easily

No matter how much content you have at your store, you will be able to translate it all! You may start experiencing the app by using the free plan which will allow you to automatically translate navigation and payment gateways, and then translate the rest of the content manually.

Meanwhile, by subscribing to a standard or advanced plan , you will have all your store content translated automatically.

Long and efficient cooperation with Shopify

We work with Shopify since 2014. This cooperation is always very efficient as far as LangShop is an extremely useful application and thanks to Shopify edits and users feedbacks it becomes better with every update. For these years we've reached a lot: hundreds clients, hundreds projects, and renewed version of the app.

Store localization

LangShop makes your website available for different foreign markets and customers. 241 languages are at your disposal for this.


For developers of the Shopify themes, we provide JS SDK that allows inregrating dynamic elements and different features to the stores.

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User quote

Changed from one other translation app to this LangShop. Couple of Small startup problems occured but I am so pleased I received quickly clear answers and solution to my problem from LangShop`s expert. Great Service, thanks. Application seems to fit our needs (multilanguage, multicurrency) pretty well.


October 08, 2018

Happy to help you growing

We are glad that LangShop helps our clients to reach goals in global sales. Our team is grateful for getting such nice video-feedback and hearing warm words from our clients.

LangShop is easy to install, reliable, and intuitive. Not to mention the assistance provided by the developer is always punctual, available and able to resolve any possible conflicts that can arise. We have started to increase our online business all over the world thanks to this intuitive and efficient app. And our clients have expressed gratitude for the quality of the translations. Our deepest thanks and sincere congratulations to the magnificent team of Aheadworks company.

October 01, 2019