Translation apps comparison



Why LangShop is alternative for GTranslate


241 languages languages

over 100 languages

Translation types

Auto translation - available for all users

Auto translation - available for all plans

Manual translation - available

Manual translation - available for all plans

Integration with DeepL Pro, Google Professional - available for everyone

Integration with DeepL Pro, Google Professional - not available

Human (agency) translation - available for everyone

Human (agency) translation - not available

Translation limits

No limits for translation. You can translate all types of your content

Not all types of the content can be translated (no static, dynamic, checkout translation)

No limits for translated words. You can translate all your store for one price.

Each plan has its limits for the translated words.

No limits for page views.

Each plan has its limits for page views.

Translation suggestions

Yes, LangShop provides opportunity to see translation suggestions

Yes, GTranslate provides translation suggestions

Translation history

Yes, LangShop provides opportunity to see translation history

Yes, GTranslate provides translation history

Visitor language redirection

Available for everyone

Not available


Translate Meta tags

Subdirectories and hreflang tags automatically set

URL translation - available for several plans

Language hosting - available for Enterprise plan only

Language switcher

Multiple tools for customization

Mobile, desktop, and tablet versions are available

Basic setup of the language switcher


Yes, LangShop allows adding currencies and customizable currency switchers

No, GTranslate doesn't provide such feature


Available in CSV and PO file formats

GTranslate doesn’t provide such feature



Multiple types of the support service: email, live chat, video call, ticket system


Live chat

User guides

Detailed documentation with video tutorials

There is no detailed documentation

Price and free trial

14 - days free trial

34$ per month

15-day free trial

Different pricing plans


You can use LangShop for free without limits for words and pageviews while developing your store in the development mode

GTranslate provides Free plan with limited features

Try LangShop for free, and explore all the tools and translation services you need to start, run, and grow your business



241 languages and dialects are available for translation. Furthermore, the app provides an opportunity to translate all types of content including dynamic and static texts, checkout, notifications, etc.


We provide auto, manual, and professional translation for your store. LangShop is integrated with the Shopify API and provides server-side rendering translation.


One standard price that gives access to all features of the app. You pay only $34 and translate all types of content without any limits of translated words or page views.


Our support team is available via email, live chat, and video call. Managers work 24/7 and always ready to help all our users.


LangShop provides multiple tools for localization and SEO optimization of your store.

LangShop is a rather young application. It started its story in 2016. From the very beginning the app had a rather complex structure and multiple features. After several updates LangShop has got a wonderful user-friendly and well-structured design. The list of features. is still large and requires the most demanded clients.

For the convenience of its users LangShop team has written a detailed documentation All tutorials contain step-by-step instructions on how to set up the particular feature or translate content.

Furthermore, now the app allows translating online stores into 241 languages and adding over 80 currencies. It expands opportunities for users to open their stores to the world.




GTranslate is one of the oldest and well-known translation apps. It exists since 2008. GTranslate provides machine translation for Shopify and other websites (WP, Joomla, Squarespace, etc.).

The app is oriented mostly on small and mid-size e-business. If you are an owner of the large website with thousands products, probably that’s not your app.

GTranslate has multiple tools for SEO optimization. For example, you can set a separate domain and URL for each language version of the website.

How to make a choice?

So, while selecting the translation app for your store, take into account several questions:

Based on them, it will be easier to make a choice. Such translation apps as LangShop can satisfy all your needs. The most pleasant thing is that you shouldn’t be a developer to make a multilingual website. LangShop will help you to reach your goals without involving specialists.