In sections of this documentation you will find information about Liquid and JavaScript SDK.


We have prepared many features for Liquid development. With their help you can integrate your own functionality, that depends on multilingual conditions of the store or help to improve it.

Each theme, localized by LangShop contains code snippets that help you to change the positioning of the languages and currencies switchers or add new ones, convert price amount to the current active currency and display final price according to currency format, use multilingual images.

Also, we provide code examples where we show how to use liquid features.

JavaScript SDK

JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight and modern language without which any store can't exist normally. Localized themes include our JS SDK to detect visitor's desired language and currency, create possibility to switch languages and currencies with the help of convenient switchers. You can use some features manually using public methods and integrate useful functionality with events help.

JS SDK methods allow you to receive current language, switch to another language, create new switchers, and much more. Events help you to react on some events in life cycle of multilingual page.

In this section you will find examples of using all available features.


We provide a possibility to use LangShop theme features in an elegant way using Shortcodes. Simple text constructions may be included in any part of your theme content.

See "Overview" section to watch the list of supported Shortcodes and learn how to use them in the "Examples" section.

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