Intro to LangShop

Welcome to LangShop! This documentation is the guide of technical features for developers.

LangShop is a multifunctional application. It translates Shopify stores into multiple languages and provides useful features for content management. Integrating your own multilanguage-based functionality with the Shopify store may cause some technical questions. We are here to help you!

In this documentation you can find out more information about your opportunities in multilingual content customization.

Namely, you can read about LangShop Liquid and JavaScript SDK and get more information about LangShop life cycle. Here we describe our “tools” in details.

With their help you are able to cooperate with the app and integrate your changes: customize language and currency switchers, display resources’ images for the current language, convert price amount to the current active currency and display it for the desired currency format, etc.

Just use our “tools” and improve your Shopify store easily! We will gladly help you to deal with this functionality.

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