Snippets Overview

Reusing LangShop code snippets in your needs

List of snippets and templates in localized theme

To make your store pages multilingual, LangShop creates the list of snippets and templates in own localized theme:

  • templates/
  • templates/
  • templates/
  • templates/
  • templates/
  • snippets/ls-product-json.liquid
  • snippets/ls-page-json.liquid
  • snippets/ls-article-json.liquid
  • snippets/ls-blog-json.liquid
  • snippets/ls-collection-json.liquid
  • snippets/ls-alt.liquid
  • snippets/ls-is-rtl.liquid
  • snippets/ls-currencies-switcher.liquid
  • snippets/ls-currency.liquid
  • snippets/ls-currency-href.liquid
  • snippets/ls-currency-title.liquid
  • snippets/ls-global.liquid
  • snippets/ls-head.liquid
  • snippets/ls-img-url.liquid
  • snippets/ls-language.liquid
  • snippets/ls-language-href.liquid
  • snippets/ls-language-title.liquid
  • snippets/ls-languages-switcher.liquid
  • snippets/ls-md5-key.liquid
  • snippets/ls-output.liquid
  • snippets/ls-output-dynamics.liquid
  • snippets/ls-output-statics.liquid
  • snippets/ls-output-shortcodes.liquid
  • snippets/ls-price.liquid
  • snippets/ls-sdk.liquid
  • snippets/ls-search.liquid
  • snippets/ls-search-match-resource.liquid
  • snippets/ls-search-results.liquid
  • snippets/ls-search-results-count.liquid
  • snippets/ls-theme-dynamics.liquid
  • snippets/ls-theme-dynamics-array.liquid
  • snippets/ls-tags.liquid
  • snippets/ls-tag.liquid
  • snippets/ls-sitemap.liquid

Language switcher

You can add as many languages switchers as you need. To create new languages switchers and place them anywhere in the theme you can use "ls-languages-switcher.liquid" snippet.

Currency switcher

LangShop doesn't have any limits for the amount of currencies switchers. To create new currencies switchers and place them anywhere in the theme you can use "ls-currencies-switcher.liquid" snippet.

Images snippets

This category of snippets will help you to insert new images of resources (products, articles, collections) to any place. "ls-img-url.liquid" snippet replaces original image URL with localized version if it exists, "ls-alt.liquid" snippet returns localized version of the image alternate text.

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