Ticket System – New Way To Support Customers

Ticket system – it’s a brand new and convenient way in customers support. Now it’s available for LangShop users!

LangShop support system

The world of Shopify applications is full of tools to improve stores. Due to the complicated functionality (or other reasons) using any of them can be a challenge for users. Therefore, they are forced to write to tech support until the problem is resolved.

In our LangShop team, we are always glad to help our customers. We provide three ways to reach the support team:

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Ticket system

Each of them is important in keeping in touch with users. First two are the most popular among other applications. LangShop goes further and proposes one more tool – ticket system. So, what is this all about?

Advantages of the ticket system

While communicating with support managers via email it’s not very comfortable to manage all letters, especially if you write to them rarely. The letter may be simply lost among the rest. Another point is that the conversation history is not comfortable to read. Live chat is a perfect tool when you need an immediate answer.

Ticket system it’s a new way to support LangShop users. This conversation management system allows organizing tickets and simplifying the communication process with the tech support team.

Ticket – is a documentation of every
single request, its current status, and
other info about the conversation.

System’s principle of work is the next:

  1. You have a client account from where you can contact LangShop support managers by creating a ticket.
  2. Our tech support specialist reviews the request, processes it and provides a solution to your problem.
  3. When the problem is solved, the conversation will be closed and stored in your account.
  4. If there is another question you need to ask, just create a new ticket. In this way, you activate a new conversation where your current request will be resolved and saved.

All conversations are centralized in your account. Tickets are numbered and stored in chronological order. Therefore, you have instant access to your conversation history and can check letters anytime you need.

If to sum up the advantages, we can highlight the following:

  • all messages are organized and concentrated in one place;
  • conversations are available anytime you need in chronological order;
  • you save time managing all letters from the LangShop support team in personal account;

To get access to the system, you should be a user of the LangShop app and need to register by entering your email. If you are our constant client and contacted our team once at least, there is no need to register. You already have a personal account in the service.

To register or sign in to the LangShop Ticket System you are able by following this link.

Thanks to this system you will be more organized, focused, and effective while working with the LangShop app and chatting with its specialists.

Aiming to provide fast and quality experts help for clients, we implement best practices of the support customer service. LangShop team has a strong belief that the new ticket system is the tool, which will significantly improve connection and trust between us and customers.

If you still have some questions about the system, please, do not hesitate to contact us in any way convenient for you:)