How to create a multi-currency checkout on the Shopify store?

Importance of the multi-currency checkout on Shopify store

Expanding your e-business to new markets, you will face different challenges. For example, the creation of the Shopify multi currency checkout is one of them.

Why is it so important to create a clear checkout? The payment process should be simple and seamless. The Internet’s about choice. There are millions of websites and online stores. People can find there everything they need and get it maximum in 3-4 days. If a customer can’t find or buy the needed product in one store, he goes to another and buys it there.

So, the main aim for merchants who want to sell abroad is to make their online store as clear and friendly for the target audience as possible. Therefore, your Shopify store should be multilingual and multi-currency. Furthermore, it must be convenient in payment and the Shopify checkout page should be also multi currency. Using the Shopify platform, you may consider can you create checkout with multi currency. The answer is “Yes, you can!”. Let’s consider how you can do this.

Benefits of multi-currency checkout on Shopify

Multiple markets 

With multilingual and multi-currency content you can reach the whole world. You can sell everywhere and to several countries at the same time.

Customer loyalty 

Positive experience makes clients happy. That’s great when they can get information about a product and pay for it without problems. Shopify multi currency checkout helps to create a positive experience for the foreign audience. 

Improved conversion 

When customers can surf your website easily, the likelihood that they will stay here and buy something is very high. So, customers get a Shopify web-store with clear content and multi currency checkout, and you get more customers and incomes.

Now let’s check how you can activate multiple currency checkout on Shopify and what LangShop can do for your store on the way to international sales.

How can LangShop help?

First of all, the LangShop app creates multilingual content for Shopify stores. There are 241 languages available for LangShop users. That’s the first step on the way to communicate and engage foreign customers.

The second and important fact is checkout. LangShop supports Shopify’s native currency. If the Shopify Payment option is turned on, you will get a multi currency checkout. If this option is turned off, LangShop will convert currencies to the store but on the checkout page, customers will see the original language of the store. For further information, you can refer to the Shopify official guide.

As it was mentioned above, with the LangShop help you can add a currency switcher to the website. Over 80 currencies are supported by our app. We hope you will find what you need in the provided list. Customers can switch between currencies displayed in the switcher and get prices in the local currency.

How to activate multiple currency checkout on Shopify?

To enable your website to sell in multiple currencies, you should edit Shopify Payments settings. Go to your Shopify admin and make the following steps:   

  1. Go to the Settings section.
  2. Select the Payments option and click on Manage.
  3. Go to the Currency section. Here you should enable the currencies that you want to see in your store.
  4. Click Save.

After these steps, you should go to the LangShop app and add the same currencies inside the application. The path is LangShop => Setting => Currencies => Add button.

You can also watch our video tutorial about how to add multiple currencies or read a user guide.


Shopify provides all opportunities for selling abroad and additional applications as LangShop can help a lot. We hope with the help of this article, you will easily set up a multi language checkout.