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2021 Best Tools And Apps For SEO Store Promotion

Every year, with the development of technology, new trends, and features appear in SEO. Shopify has great SEO tools for shop promotion and even multilingual SEO by some applications, like Langshop and others. However, often, a successful business requires deeper SEO. Therefore, we are doing this overview of the main global trends and preparing an […]


2021 Trends in E-Commerce Strategies & Software

E-commerce is growing faster than any other sector. And in the COVID-19 crisis, this can represent wide opportunities for companies. Our buying behavior is evolving and there seems to be an influx of electronic commerce in the presence of physical stores. As an organization, to position itself correctly, it’s important to predict these patterns. In […]

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Mobile Commerce: Converting Shopify Store Into Mobile App

Success in online commerce is all about convenience. Offering the right products to right audience in the right way! Once you connect the dots (product-audience-way) with the experience you offer, success is inevitable. There are thousands of different niches in eCommerce. Each and every single one has different audiences and products. However, when it comes […]

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How To Do Multilingual SEO On Your Store

When an online store is doing well with the present SEO strategy and your region is too small, it’s time to expand store in other countries. But how to promote the content of the store with search engines in regions where people speak the other language? You need to improve SEO of your store. It […]