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LangShop Update: v.2.8.1

We are happy to announce the LangShop v.2.8.1. Here is the list of new improvements for the LangShop app: Comparison layout is available for a single page now. You can compare the original and translated texts on one page. We’ve decreased bundle size and reduced the impact of JS SDK on the page speed of […]


The best solutions how to add trust badges to Shopify?

The best solutions how to add trust badges to Shopify? Trust badges it’s a good tool to gain trust of potential customers. In this article, I would like to share with you info on how to add trust badges to Shopify product’s description, collections, cart page and footer. 3 ways how to add trust badges […]

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LangShop Update: v.2.8.0

Hello everyone! Today, our team represents a new update of the LangShop app. Meet our new features and improvements: New navigation menu. The main improvement that drastically changes the admin’s design. Now the navigation menu is situated on the top of the screen. We’ve also reworked a single product page. Auto-translation for new products and […]

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How to add your Facebook Pixel to Shopify?

Social networks are a very effective tool for business interaction with customers. Furthermore, they help to understand visitors’ behavior better and as a result create ads for relevant items. Modern social networks continue developing. Consequently, nowadays they provide native promotion tools and analytics services. In the current article, we are going to consider the great […]

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How To Add Google Analytics To Shopify

Hello, guys! We continue talking about Shopify stores and ways to improve them. E-business development and growth it’s still a popular point of interest among merchants. So, today we would like to talk with you about a tool that can help you to improve the store. Namely, we want to provide the info about analytics […]

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LangShop Guest Blogging Guidelines

Hi there! The LangShop team is always open to cooperation with Shopify applications and independent writers. As you can see, our blog provides articles on different topics. Anyway, they all are aimed to help Shopify merchants grow, develop, and manage their online stores. So, here are our requirements that you should follow if you want […]

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LangShop Update: v.2.7.0 – v.2.7.1

Hello, our dear users! The LangShop team is happy to announce that we’ve released v.2.7.0 and v.2.7.1. This time we improved the app a lot! Here is the list of the new features: LangShop theme is optional now. That’s the main and the most important improvement. Since now you shouldn’t publish the LangShop theme if […]


How to create multi language store on Shopify?

Every Shopify user can create multi language store. This process is simple if you have a good guide. For example, our article can be a good guide if you are thinking about a multilingual shop. Here we will discuss the main moments that should be considered and solutions that help to make Shopify store multi […]

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How to make your Shopify store multi language with LangShop?

International business it’s a challenge for all merchants who want to join it. The global market requires serious preparations for the store. It includes the website’s optimization, content translation and localization, multilingual SEO, etc. When you have the correct tool, everything is possible. Today, we would like to consider the question “How to make your […]